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The Company

Toltec is a boutique Real Estate firm that provides unrivaled services and unlimited support to its clients! We focus on customer service rather than the number of homes we sell. It is not the size of our company, it is the size of our service. As a boutique firm, we are better able to address the needs of our customers, as opposed to the bottom line. Corporate firms have brand names to back them up in their advertising and quest for new clients.

The broker works to cultivate a small cohesive group of professionals that work together for the common good. When clients elect to use a boutique firm as opposed to corporate office, they are assured that the whole office is working for their best interests. At our firm clients can expect that the broker is knowledgeable, proficient and working in the best interests of the clients.

Toltec is concerned with providing the personalized service that every buyer and seller deserves. Our clients don’t get lost in the shuffle.  The Rights of Buyers and sellers are paramount in the minds of our professionals. Toltec provides unlimited support and unrivaled services, that’s why we are the best choice for real estate services. Our broker will see your transaction through to the end, rather than handing it off to a transaction coordinator.

Our Philosophy

Our overarching philosophy is providing good professional services to our clients…. the customer is key!

Our Principle

Our overriding principle is based on the Four Agreements as written by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book, The Four Agreements!

- Be Impeccable with your word
- Don't take anything personally
- Don't Make Assumptions
- Always do your best

Our Logo

Our logo is the Hunab Ku and symbolically represents our values to intuitively match properties to the owners that love them.

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Our Team

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    Dr Bj Verdun Moore

    [ Broker/ Owner ]

    Rose Verdun-Lyles

    [ Graphic Design / Marketing]